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Even though song fanfictions are one of my top priorities, I do other things too which represents my creativity.

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Only these have made it into my favourites gallery. :love: If yours is in it, then give yourself a pat on the back. :w00t: :happybounce: :squee:

STOP STORING MY FAVORITES. :c by RavynneNevyrmore Amethyst stamp 2 by Iloveyoukisshu Amethyst stamp by Iloveyoukisshu Cantonese Speaker Stamp by Skarlet-Raven Tea in a Box Stamp by Skarlet-Raven I Hate Summer Stamp by Skarlet-Raven I hate summer by brwneyedgrrlee I Hate the Summer Weather by the-emo-detective I hate the sun stamp by darkemyst Anti-Spoilers in Comments by kuri-osity Anti-Spoiler Stamp by Sycotei-B They truly anger me by PandaSennin Spoilers D: :: Stamp by Saphitri I hate spoilers stamp by greedofan I hate spoilers in stamps by Flyffel Spoilers by DarkAncientLight Don't Spoilerize Me Stamp by KuchikiYorume Spoiler Stamp by Xarti Paranoid Notes Stamp by SparkLum Anti-The Conservative Party Stamp by xFlowerstarx Dogs are overrated by Sweden-is-a-Cat Not Everybody by TeamOogie Mario x Peach by MadameBordella Anti-Anti Stamp Haters by xSun-Starx (Request) Anti BowserxPeach Stamp by SoraJayhawk77 Really People Quit Complaining by SoraJayhawk77 'How to Train Your Dragon Books' Stamp by CiderWansaChoclitBar Don't Like, Don't Look!  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Everyone Has Them! by sadlonelylittlegirl Fuck the updated block feature by DragonQuestWes Dear deviantArt by Swimmingferret STAMP: Ignorance's new word. by QueenieSeas BAAW I HATE RELIGUS PEEEPLE BAAWWW by BlackAngel9000 Timbre Spyro the Dragon by LeDrBenji Timbre Spyro 2 : Gateway to Glimmer by LeDrBenji Timbre Spyro : Year of the Dragon by LeDrBenji Autism... not a dunce cap. by StrawberryR anime sucks by someth1ngw1cked Dr. Who No Interest Stamp by DP-Stamps I hate GTA by Gintokichan I listen to music while browsing deviantART by DS-DNA I listen to music while i draw by Tontora Mario Party 3 Stamp by Konnie-Man Why did I have to explain this... by Pretty-Little-Peach WhyShouldIWorryWhyShouldICaaa-aaaaare by endler I prefer good gameplay over good graphics by Latiosdude I don't care if it's for kids by Latiosdude Mario Kart 8 Stamp by Fawfulthegreat64 Mario Kart 8 stamp by Kiddo-the-dragon Little Mix stamp by LoquePittoo Kind people are the biggest bullies. by Little-rolling-bean :thumb437744001: It's Blondie time! by Tea-Strawberry MY dA by Dinoforms OLD SCHOOL by IceVallejo :thumb433910183: Flappy Bird Stamp by WaffleToaster childhood memories by emocx Stop Being Butthurt by SoraJayhawk77 (Request) Anti SpyroXCynder Stamp by SoraJayhawk77 Oh the hilarity. by The-Legend-Of-Burai LIEK OMG ONLEE BABYZ PLEY N1NTND0 by UmbraWitchJeanne Cartoon network stamp by ARTic-Weather Anti Adventure Time by Tae-Rai Really People Quit Complaining by SoraJayhawk77 Wander Over Yonder Logo Stamp by TaffytaMuttonfudge The goombas are out to kill him first you know by FunnelVortex Childhood by foreverastone Stamp: Stop complaining! by Catthylove Sorry I Just Like Western Animations Better by Roasted-Torkoals (Request) Anti The Legend of Spyro Stamp by SoraJayhawk77 Anti Skylanders Stamp by SoraJayhawk77 Anti Call of Duty Stamp by SoraJayhawk77 Anti Sierra Stamp. by Virus-20 (Request) Anti Activision Stamp by SoraJayhawk77 Stubborn as a mule. by World-Hero21 Yep, Imma BEEEOTCH. by World-Hero21 Sketchbook stamp by Da-Wabbit Timbre Super Mario Galaxy by LeDrBenji Timbre Super Mario Galaxy 2 by LeDrBenji Timbre Super Mario 3D Land by LeDrBenji Kirby and Luma by Marlenesstamps Year of the Snake by QueenoftheStampede Super Smash Bros Wii U Stamp Series - Rosalina by Kevfin Rosalina can sleep good tonight. by The-Legend-Of-Burai cats are better than dogs by Allgemeine Princess Rosalina Stamp by Twinky-05 I Spell Color With A U Stamp by 02lyons Canon Couples Stamp by rhr-forever deviantART comment deletion feature by HappyPenguin819 Music by SilverTidalWave Request - Spyro 1 Stamp by RadSpyro Spyro 2: Gateway to Glimmer Stamp by RadSpyro Spyro 2 Stamp by RadSpyro Spyro: Year of the Dragon Stamp by RadSpyro Top Cat Stamp by FreezingIceKirby Anti CN Real Stamp by SoraJayhawk77 Isabelle stamp by SonicandErikfan Isabelle stamp by mosspelthasUlquiorra Shizue Isabelle Fan Stamp by Jailboticus Autism does not equal idiot by PrincessFlaw Animal Crossing New Leaf Stamp by XxAmyxXx :thumb278074698: My Melody stamp by orange-lucky-cat :thumb287172504: :thumb287265384: :thumb287082463: Anti SpyroxCynder stamp by AliTheDragon SXC Shut up Stamp by AliTheDragon Childhood Stamp by WetWithRain Anti-New Spyro Stamp by katxicon Legend of Spyro by Nacht-Vico DotD.... by ViscountDevil Anti-BowserxPeach Stamp by sunshinefludd Stafy Face Stamp by VampireJaku Stafy Stamp by GaneneTheDefendra Brawl: Stafy Fan Stamp by WolfTwilight :thumb149839132: Starfy and Kirby stamp by Miruthekirby Stafy Stamp 2 by GaneneTheDefendra :thumb305735002: Jam Those Tunes by NorthboundFox Stamp: Shut Down by Silver-MoonNight Stamp: And don't expect me to. EVER. by Catthylove Geek Stamp Series - Video Games by Ducksauce-splash Stamp: So shut the fuck up. by Catthylove I Heart Music by sirocco-rc I love Music Stamp by RikkuTenjouSs Music Makes The World Go Round by BratLittlePrincess The Bed by pjuk Marioxpeach stamp by MarioGamer2000 Mario stamp by MarioGamer2000 :thumb157335002: Games - Croc: Legend of the Gobbos by necromantress-stamps Croc Stamp by Hunter-Arkaman Croc still rules stamp by darkgex Croc Stamp by Empovyle croc and gobbos by tagismyname Argonaut Software Stamp by Haruka-Tavares Fox Interactive Stamp by Haruka-Tavares WE HEART CROC by danny-spikes Heart Cascada Stamp by Vhazza Cascada Natalie Horler Stamp by Vhazza Heart Natalie - Cascada by Vhazza Cascada 3 Stamp by AngelsOfEmpathy Cascada Natalie Stamp by VhazzaCascada Stamp by AngelsOfEmpathy Cascada 2 Stamp by AngelsOfEmpathy Cascada 6 by AngelsOfEmpathy Cascada 5 by AngelsOfEmpathy What Hurts The Most Stamp by AngelsOfEmpathy I'm One Of Nat's Rat's by Vhazza Christmas Cascada by Vhazza Cascada Stamp by Muttie Cascada Fan - Post by Vhazza Proud Cascada fan Stamp by Vhazza Cascada - Summer Of Love Stamp by Vhazza Cascada Fan by Vhazza Peachy Wink by agentbananayum Peach fan stamp by Names-Tailz :thumb341740331: :thumb340941127: :thumb274291802: :thumb274292199: :thumb274292932: :thumb274291995: .:Peach Stamp:. by CloTheMarioLover The PowerPuff Girls-Stamp by Powdered-Sugar CN REAL CN FAIL stamp by DaLegendary360 Hating CN's liveaction stamp by Nidsslamgirl-KND Never too young... STAMP by Nijihamu-can Cartoonnetwork stamp by Sugarcoated-spike Circle Stamp- CN is ruined now by GiantPurpleCat CN is For Cartoons Stamp by PsychoDemonFox CN Real sucks Stamp by GiantPurpleCat Cartoons stamp by mariekelikestodrawn 2000s Nostalgia by SA948-Stamps Anti-Naruto by GrymStudios Anti Naruto Stamp by MachinegunAngel Anti-Naruto by BowChickaBowWow traced anime stamp by ChocolateRayquaza WTF Does Shmowzow Mean by LullabyStamps Anti-Adventure time stamp by NinjaCookieNya Anti Adventure Time Stamp by Flipanny Anti Adventure Time Stamp by Firework154 Anti-Adventure Time Stamp by SoraJayhawk77 Adventure Time by sugarpop2011 :thumb316797443: Adventure Time. by Woopywulf anti regular show by lady-glamm Anti regular show stamp by Bjnix248


King Mario .:Traveling Outfit:. by Miapon
by Miapon

There is nothing wrong with writing too much. It will help you one day, maybe in future writing assignments, fanfictions and essays or ...

Merry Hearth's Warming Eve by Neko-me
by Neko-me

Though I'd wish you could do something special for Chinese New Year since this year is the Year of the Horse, I loved how Christmassy i...

Crash Bandicoot: Island Hoppers  -Full Game- by FierceTheBandit

You should show this to the creators of Crash Bandicoot on either Twitter or Facebook. They are both on there. But other than that, I l...

How long have it been since the previous time I have been tagged? It’s like as if it’s been long ago since then. Since I haven’t been tagged in years, I don’t mind doing it. 


1) You must post these rules.
2) Each person has to share 10 facts about themselves.
3) Answer the 10 questions asked by the person who tagged you and make up 10 questions for the 10 you tag.
4) Choose 10 people and put their icons in your journal.
5) Go to their page and inform them that they have been tagged by you. 
6) Not something like, "You are tagged if you read that".
7) You have to legitimately tag 10 people.
8) No tag-backs.
9) You can't say that you don't do tags.
10) You MUST make a journal entry! No comments.

Ten Random Facts About Me

  1. As you can tell, I’m a long-time fanatic of Girls Aloud (one of the most successful girl groups in :flaguk: chart history) and Mario.
  2. I’m multitalented (I can write, draw, sing, compose poetry, do animations in 2D, model assets in 3D etc).
  3. I love combining my favourite video game characters and video games & cartoons and cartoon characters with each other with the songs when it comes to writing song fanfictions.
  4. My childhood idols were Shigeru Miyamoto and Craig McCracken (:iconcmcc:).
  5. My favourite voice actors are Charles Martinet, Tom Kenny and Tara Strong.
  6. I’m currently obsessed with Classic Spyro and the Mario series in general.
  7. I have a strong dislike of trying out something new or getting used to new things.
  8. I hate The Legend of Spyro trilogy and the Skylanders series with a burning passion.
  9. Screw dogs. I’m a cat person.
  10. Ever since I played Animal Crossing: Wild World, ducks are my new favourite animals. 

123soleil's questions

1) What was the main reason you registered to DeviantArt?
:bulletpink: My younger sister, :iconcrystal-feathers: (she barely use this website these days and she have completely moved on), introduced me to this website way back in 2006 during my birthday. If I could remember correctly, it is night time at the time. 

2) Can you speak other languages than your native one? If yes, which one(s)?
:bulletpink: Yep, my other main language is Cantonese. :nod: It's one of the Chinese dialects and it's the main Chinese dialect which is spoken in Hong Hong. I picked up this language when I was a baby. Cantonese is considered to my second main language right after British English. Only my mum knew my first words but they were in Cantonese. They roughly translate to, "You said what?". I didn't speak ever since until I'm a young girl. Back then, I didn't talk much. But other than that, I'm used to talking in Cantonese to my family and speaking in British English to my university tutors, my university peers and any one that I know. It isn't difficult to switch between two languages. 

3) Have you ever travelled abroad?
:bulletpink: Yes. I have travelled to Hong Kong 6, 7 or 8 times during the summer holidays to visit my father's side of my family and to Beijing only once. I would mention other places such as Dubai, Amsterdam and Helsinki but they don't count as true holiday destinations. We only stopped temporarily in these places just to hop on a different plane to head to Hong Kong. 
4) If you played at least one Pokémon game, who was your very first starter?
:bulletpink: In Pokémon Gold for Game Boy Colour, my starter Pokémon is a Cyndaquil. 

5) Last time you had a fit of laughter?
:bulletpink: Just recently this year when the whole university class is messing about with the Google Translate by making it cuss and say rude things that are out of proportion or completely out of hand. Obviously, they are using it and the computer speakers to their advantage. But boys will be boys. :shrug: 

6) What is your Chinese Sign (and the element that goes with, if you know it)?
:bulletpink: My Chinese Zodiac sign is the Snake, which is apparently last year. I'm born in 1989. The element is Earth. 

7) Favourite movie quote?
:bulletpink: I don't have a favourite quote. 

8) Do you know how to swim?
:bulletpink: No and I really don't want to talk about it. I have a very bad experience with swimming back then. 

9) Any folk-remedy to share?
:bulletpink: Ice-cold Chinese tea for washing my hair. 

10) Last but not the least, have you ever eaten a Kinder Surprise Egg?
:bulletpink: I have eaten one back in the 90's when I was a little girl. I think my father bought one for me and another one for my younger sister from a newsagent's shop in Manchester Chinatown

My Questions
  1. What is your very first video game in general which you have played?
  2. What are your favourite video game characters?
  3. Can you name your favourite cartoons?
  4. Do you follow any mainstream fads?
  5. Have you ever been to a concert before?
  6. Do you watch the Eurovision Song Contest?
  7. What are your typical sources of inspiration?
  8. Are you too stubborn to try out something new or adjust to new things?
  9. What is your Astrological sign?
  10. Have you got lucky with total celebrities on Twitter yet? 
I'm tagging...
  1. :iconmari-j:
  2. :iconbenjjedi:
  3. :iconthemikester86:
  4. :iconparatroopacx:
  5. :iconattynesider:
  6. :iconcartoonsilverfox:
  7. :iconmrmodez:
  8. :iconthegreatallie: 
  9. :iconmariosimpson1:
  10. :iconmarioluigi25:
My Upcoming Artwork

  • Listening to: What Are You Waiting For? by The Saturdays
  • Drinking: Fruity Shots Apple & Blackcurrant Flavour
I'm happy to be finally taking a well-deserved rest after completing all of my university assignments. Now, I can catch up with my hobbies and wait for the results of my university assignments which were a part of the second and final semester of the second year of my university course. Maybe I should invite my long-time best friend, :iconmari-j:, over to my house to celebrate. Plus, I might be going to St. Helens with my mum (and my younger sister) to visit my mum's older sister on the 22nd June/July. I'm not sure yet, we haven't booked any train tickets. Come to think of it, my university tutor lives there. Who knows? I might end up coming across him. 


:bulletpink: Art trade with :iconattynesider: (it might be on hold or it may end up being cancelled)
:bulletpink: Art trade with :iconhavinghope5: (Art trade in progress and :iconhavinghope5:'s half of the art trade: Avalar Wedding)
:bulletpink: Art trade with :iconslargthegnome: (I'm still having trouble with what I want :iconslargthegnome: to do for her half of the art trade)
:bulletpink: Auditioning for the Spyro Enchanted project
:bulletpink: Art trade with :iconcartoonsilverfox: 
:bulletpink: Request for :iconsmithandcompanytoons: (3D model of Mantu is currently in progress)

So many art trades to do, so little time. 

Currently Listening To...

I love how this song is dramatic, powerful and emotional at the same time, even though I don't know the meaning of this song. This is definitely an awesome song to listen to in order to get over my writer's block and it's another fantastic source of inspiration for my fanfictions, one-shots and song fanfictions.
Despite the fact that I'm a Mixer, I'd say that this is Neon Jungle's best song yet.
  • Listening to: Louder by Neon Jungle
  • Watching: Trollz
  • Playing: Mario Kart 7
  • Drinking: Diet Coke


Long-time Girls Aloud fanatic
Artist | Hobbyist | Literature
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