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                            Chapter 3: Ripto's Hidden Hideaway

In the meantime at night, somewhere in New York City, Ripto was pacing back and forth on the wooden ground while Hunter was by the wall. His hands were tied behind his back with ropes and his legs were tied together as well. The sky was velvet and the stars were shining brightly. There were no clouds in sight. Hunter was trying to struggle, to break himself free from the ropes but to no avail. Different sizes of wooden boxes were stacked up high on the ground, some were not. There was an abandoned warehouse which was located near Hunter. There was a huge and broaden ship which has lots of crates on board, which is floating on the calm, dark sea. A crane is next to the ship on the pier ground, slowly lifting a small, fragile crate and carefully placing it on the ferry.

"Let… me… go… right now!" Hunter yelled at the diminutive dinosaur, grunting and struggling to get released. "If Spyro was here, he'll… he'll-"

"He'll what?" Ripto retorted, facing the cheetah. "Struggle all you want, that ain't gonna work and since that purple pest isn't here, I might as well tell you my plan."

"What is your plan?"

"My plan is when that dragon arrives; I'll use the crane…" Ripto explained as he brought out a black, small, bulky rectangular switch with a big red button on it. He pushed it and the crane gradually came from where it was before and stopped to a halt, close to the wizard. A metal square-shaped cage was hanging from the alloy hook. A rope was attached from the hook to the top of the cage. He then pointed his sceptre to the rope and then the cage. "…and then I'll use my wand to cut the rope which allows the cage to drop onto him and he'll be trapped."

"Cage?! Where did you get it from?"

"The warehouse which is closer to you and nobody will stop me from taking over the world. Mwa, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha!!!!!!!!!!"

"Oh yeah?! You can't do squat!"

"I can't do… WHAT?!? Okay, THAT… IS… IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!"

Infuriated with anger, Ripto aimed his sceptre at the terrified, quivering cheetah and shot a bright green beam at him. He laughed evilly as Hunter was getting zapped. He was in much pain as the beam hit him. He was screaming in agony as the beam buzzed and hummed with great intensity. When the beam stopped hurting him, Hunter calmed down as he wiped his sweaty head with his hand because he thought it was over but it's just the beginning. Suddenly, the spell started to take effect as it slowly flowed around his body and bit by bit, the magic charm engulfed him. When it's finally finished, Hunter was then trapped inside a green, transparent bubble. Realized what happened to him, Hunter desperately kept on using his fists, thumping on the bubble but it was no use.

"Let me outta here!" Hunter yelled as loud as he can while he's inside the bubble.

However, the villainous antagonist didn't hear him. He was busy standing there in front of the imprisoned cheetah, grinning gleefully of his discomfort.

"Ha! That will teach you not to mess with me! And since I cannot hear you, blabber mouth, I will get that pesky pest once and for all when he comes to rescue you! Ah, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!" Ripto laughed, evilly as he looks at Hunter. His wickedness laughter echoed through the pier.

For the meantime, Hunter halted his throbbing on the bubble and whispered, "Spyro, wherever you are, you'd better hurry and save me."

Uh-oh! Seems like Hunter is in deep trouble and is in need of rescuing! Hopefully, Spyro, Jake and his new-found friends will arrive in time to save him, defeat the vile Ripto and retrieve the Rainbow sceptre. Will they do it? Just read the next chapter of this action-packed fan-fiction!

Spyro and Jake Long - Chapter3 by xFlowerstarx

/ ©2010-2016 xFlowerstarx
Here's the long-awaited third chapter of "Spyro & Jake Long: Ripto's Revenge". To celebrate the fact my official poster/front cover is getting more popular by the minute, I decided to bring back the crossover to here! :D :w00t: I'm so sorry for keeping all of you waiting, but if you can't be bothered to wait for the rest of the chapters, here's the link below:

Spyro & Jake Long: Ripto's Revenge

The original Spyro the Dragon series, Spyro, Sparx, Hunter, Elora, Zoe, Moneybags, the Professor and Ripto Insomniac Games or whoever owns the franchise now

American Dragon: Jake Long, Jake Long/American Dragon, Rose/Huntsgirl, Trixie Carter, Spud P. Spudinski etc Jeff Goode and Disney
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